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Pastor Oden Fong leading worship & teaching Poiema Christian Fellowship

Pastor Oden Fong teaching 1Cor16 Thurs 090326 Poiema Christian Fellowship

090328 CCCM Children's Ministry Banquet Guest James and the Professor and Uncle Ned

J Walk 7:30pm Wednesday Children's Ministry FREE

J Walk 7:30pm Wednesday Children's Ministry FREE
Please come to Pastor Brian & Cheryl Brodersen's sermon on Wednesday and bless your children to be ministered to by God's Spirit while you're being filled up and refreshed in His life transforming teaching of His word. Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa 3800 S. Fairview Rd, SA CA 92704 714 979 4422 All the classrooms have moved downstairs, 7:30pm in the building behind the building that's across from the Main Sanctuary. ROOMS #: 1st Grade: boys & girls Room #17. 2nd Grade: boys Room#15, girls Room #16. 3rd Grade: boys Room #14, girls Room #13. 4th Grade: boys Room #12, girls Room #103. 5th Grade: boys Room #104, girls Room #101. 6th Grade: boys Room #106, girls Room #105.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Matt1:25 matt13:55-56 Mary had other children after Jesus Christ is God was born

Eccl9:5 the dead know not anything

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